about me.



My name is Tiffin. I'm currently a QA Analayst who is learning automated testing. I've been a QA Analyst for over a decade. My goal though, is to create websites myself one day. So I'm always learning and trying to keep my skills up to date.


I was 2 when I got my first computer. My uncle felt it was important for my brother and I. When the internet became public in the early 90's, my uncle felt that was important as well and paid for us to have internet access. I taught myself HTML during these early years and yes....the pages I built were pretty bad. But then, HTML didn't do much then. Computers and the internet have always been a huge part of my life.


I'm so glad I grew up in Canada. I learned how to get along with anyone, no matter what they looked like or who they loved. I value equality no matter what. I think everyone should have the same rights as everyone else. Period. I hate when people are treated differently just based on how they look, what they are missing, who they love. It really really bothers me.