Tribute Page: Create a tribute page to someone. Complete list of user stories to get the project to pass. Title, image with caption, paragraph, link that opens in a new tab, image should be responsive and be centered within it's parent element.

Survey Form Page: Create a survey form. Title, paragraph, form, input fields, form validation, labels matched to their input fields, placeholder text, dropdown, radio buttons, checkboxes, text area, button.

Product Page: Create a product page. Header with an image, nav bar with in-page links, embeded video, form that submits, media query, CSS Flexbox.

Technical Documentation Page: Create a documentation page. Sections containing a header and paragraphs, navbar with in-page links, responsive navigation, media query

Portfolio: Create a portfolio page. Welcome section with title, project section with a link, navbar with in-page link, external link, media query.